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Bailey the older rescue dog
Why adopting an older dog was the best choice we could have made
"That's the thing -  you don't adopt an older dog for you, you do it for them, but you get so much back that, in the end, it won't be clear who helped who more."
Maddi and Wall-E RSPCA
Five myths I believed about the RSPCA (that I shouldn't have!)
"I was completely unaware of the high amount of calls the RSPCA receives every single day (one every 30 seconds!)."
rspca dog ear cropped
End ear cropping: Dogs need their ears - and here's why
As celebrities and fashion normalise 'trend', we've seen a 236% increase in reports of dogs with cropped ears over the last five years...
ww1 dog
How we helped animals during the First World War
"Our Fund bought 28 motorised and 180 horse-drawn ambulances to carry injured horses back from the fighting to the vet hospitals."
Volunteer as a branch trustee and make a difference for animals today
"Being an animal lover, getting involved with the RSPCA was one of the best decisions I ever made."
Dog in winter coat
Why dressing up our pets for Halloween can be more trick than treat
Plus, read our seven ethical ways to dress your pet.
cat at Halloween RSPCA
Celebrate spooky creatures with us this Howl-o-Ween
On 31st October, a team of our celebrity and influencer friends are staging an afternoon of interactive, virtual family fun for you to enjoy with your four, two or no legged pets.
two rabbits
Adopting a companion for my lonely rabbit (and helping them bond!)
"Seeing them now cuddled up together, knowing that Luna isn't lonely whilst I have to work is the best feeling in the world."
Richard Ryder
I've been fighting for better farm animal welfare for 50 years
"In 1978, I led the RSPCA's first-ever street demonstration against live exports. Although the great British public responded with a tremendous surge of support, we're still talking about how to stop them now, over 40 years later."
Adopting kittens during the coronavirus pandemic
A blog by George Stoneman, our dedicated marketing executive and cat dad to kittens, Lola and Olive.